Digital Adspend Trends

Try saying that fast.

Here are some key stats from the incredibly useful H1 2015 PwC Online Adspend Study.

    • Digital Adspend grows by 25% in the first half of 2015 to a landmark high of €162m
    • Irish Mobile Adspend now represents €2 in every €5 of total digital adspend
    • Social Media spend was €22m in H1, an increase of 107% over H1 2014
    • Native Advertising cross platform is at €16m, which is 27% of the total digital display spend for H1 2015

You can read more and peruse the handy infograph here.

But what does all this mean? Quite simply, digital is continuing to grow. Some may have anticipated a plateau, but that is absolutely not the case. Digital is a vital part of every marketers strategy. 47% of marketers said they would devote 20% of their budget to digital.

Scared of the change? You don’t need to be. Growth means opportunity, so if, unlike these blokes below, you are not averse to change, you could find that the next bronze. (Watch the video. It’s ‘zeitgeisty’)

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