The Ripple Effect – Zeminar talk

I was delighted to be invited to talk on behalf of Team Hope at the most amazing youth event in Ireland, Zeminar.

I spoke about how one small action or one small idea can reach millions. I spoke about finding out who you are, taking control of how you are defined, and using that as a platform to make a difference.

“It only takes one of you to stand up against injustice to start making ripples.”

It was an immense honour. One young girl found me after the talk so we could take a selfie, I was floored. She then proceeded to tell me about how she had been inspired and hoped to make a difference and start making ripples. I hugged her and moved on, fighting back tears.

It’s events like these that plant seeds for the future. We need to keep enabling our young ones, equipping them instead of labelling them, empowering them instead of blaming them.

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