How to post a link on Facebook

When you Google how to post a link on Facebook, the answer is:

  1. Type your post into the box at the top of the Page’s Timeline.
  2. Click in the top right of the box and select whether to post as yourself or one of the Pages you manage.
  3. You can tag friends or add a location. …
  4. Click Post.

That’s great, but sometimes you need a more in-depth work-through. So here we have it!

How to post a link on Facebook without pulling out your hair!

Make sure you are logged in as your page. You’ll know that you are by looking at the logo in this text box.

posting link on facebook 1

If you are not posting as your page, then click the small drop-down arrow on the top right-hand side and select your page.

The first step it to paste your link into the text box:

How to post a link

Sometimes, an image will populate in the link box, but not always. This image is the featured image on your website. If no image appears, click on the + underneath your link to add an image or multiple images. Once you select an image from your file, it should look like this. We have only selected one image for this post:

posting a link on FB.png

Now you can edit the title below the image. Note this text should be engaging as it is the first text most users will read when looking at your post. I changed the image again as the text was cut off and looked messy.

posting a link on FB2.png

Now you must remove the link in the post, and add copy above your post. Typically this is a comment about the post, and must never be the same as the title text. We tried a few different titles until we were confident the post would work.

Now you can either publish your post (click publish) or schedule a post, (drop down arrow, schedule)

Scheduling a post

Now wait for the magic to happen. Your post looks like this:

Posting on FB

Bravo! You’re well on your way to doing Facebook well! Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions.


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