Facebook’s Conversion Measurement

Without going into too much details, it’s necessary to write about Facebook’s key measurements for paid social campaigns. There are many different platforms you can use to measure those key KPIs I was talking about earlier, but sometimes sticking with the platform itself is best.

You can capture cross-device conversions

This is essential as more than 40%* of online US adults start an activity on one device and finish on another. Third-party platforms usually use cookies, and so in particular, mobile conversions tend to be under-reported.

Most users don’t click on adverts to purchase products

Facebook found that 90% of people where were exposed to adverts and who purchased in-store did not click on those adverts. This doesn’t mean they don’t go through to sale, it just means their journey may be a little more convoluted.

If someone sees a Facebook ad for your product and doesn’t click, but later browses to your website and decides to purchase, Facebook can attribute this purchase to your ad.



*”Multi-Device Usage Study” by GfK Nob-Dec 2013 ( a study commissioned by Facebook)

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