Creators Launch Party – A Moment Of Perfection

Sometimes everything aligns, and there is a moment in time that is absolute perfection. For me, one such moment occurred in September 2018, the night of’s launch party.

Picture torrential rain, a sudden chill in the air and a normal Thursday night.

Then picture battling said rain, making your way to D’Olier Street, to find yourself in a room crammed full of people, warm, cosy and excited; curiosity building.

As you enter, you look up and see a masked figure in white performing remarkable aerial acrobatics. You look left and see a large (homemade) flower wall, where people are posing and laughing. You look right and see a fabulous selection of free beer and gin.

Ria of Aerial Cirque
Ria of Aerial Cirque

You’ve arrived at the launch party for And you’re very welcome.

The blogging aggregation site soft-launched in May 2018. By June, it had 50+ bloggers on board. By August, it had its first three-month sponsor, Moda by Dulux. By September, it had passed the 100k visitor mark. It seemed the right time to officially launch.

On the night, there was a multitude of bloggers from all walk of life – lifestyle, family, travel, tech, fitness, beauty, weddings, health, even a whiskey blogger, to name just a few.


There were also representatives from all the advertising agencies, who seemed curious to know what the buzz was about.

Free food, free drinks, an aerial performer and two incredible DJs made for a fabulous night. With a brief explanation from myself, Declan Fahy and Tara Walsh, the night continued with enthusiasm.

Carly Colgan-Bates of and her lovely other half
Carly Colgan-Bates of and her lovely other half

What was the perfect moment, you ask?

It was when I stopped and looked around and saw near-strangers laughing and exchanging stories. It was when I realised that is more than just a platform for content to sit on, but is a community of real people, sharing real stories. And here were those people. After months in incubation, reality hit me. This first-of-its-kind platform was live and kicking and laughing and taking selfies.

And that for me was perfect.

Were you at the event? Tag yourself on Facebook here.

Many thanks to all at Medley, the gorgeous venue, Pearse Lyons for the stunning gin and whiskey cocktails and Foxes Rock beers, Ria from Aerial Cirque for her amazing performance, all the team at Dulux, Calum Murphy for video, Dave O’Beirne for photos, Rachael Taylor Fawsitt of Lovelytomeetme for amazing Instagram support, Claire Beck and Ed Smith for their DJ skillz, plus countless others who made this night possible, and amazing.

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