Google or Googol?

I just found my new favourite number…

A google (or googol) is a number with a 1 and a 100 zeroes after it and is supposedly a number bigger than all the atoms in the known universe. Another interesting number is googolplex which would be a number 1 followed by, wait for it not one thousand zeros, not even one million zeros but a googol zeroes.
Confused?! Well you should be because this number is so large that it’s almost impossible to imagine and also impossible to write because doing so would require more space than the known

Yes, this is binary, not a googol
universe provides. Absolutely mind boggling don’t you think! Lastly for those of you that are interested in where this term actually came from, well it was popularized in the 1940′s by the american mathematician Edward Kasner who created it as a useful number when comparing unimaginably large numbers with infinity. Oh and the actual term “googol” was coined by his then 9 year old nephew Milton Sirotta, not bad for a 9 year old!


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